History and Evolution
Paulino L. founder of the company PIRKAS PERUVIANS SAC, has 27 years of experience in the sector of semiprecious stones, since he was a kid, he was related with the world of the peruvian stones’elaboration and carving, that passion was imparted by his mother (Valentina) , who was his inspiration and motivation to carry out this great dream.
He spent time training his knowledge and abilities during 11 years, and then complemented this with the career of Management and Foreign Trade, which would help him later to organize his own Company.
This great adventure started in a small room where he was the only person in charge of the management, and it was quickly that thanks to his ingenuity and ability at offering a variety of innovative products and quality which finally carried him to an international success decisive.
In the year of 2019 got a great Company formed by committed professionals
In this great Project that cross borders at offering authentic products that generate extraordinary experiences to our customers, creating a stable link of corporal well-being, mental balance and spiritual harmony